Frequently Asked Questions

How are your doughnuts made?

All our brioche doughnuts are made from scratch and by hand in our shop in Amsterdam. We split the process up into two parts: the first part is making the dough, which we do in the afternoon so it has time to rise overnight. The second part takes place the next early morning. This part consists of several stages: rolling out the dough and cutting out the individual doughnuts, proofing them to increase size, frying them and finally filling, glazing or dipping them. After they have cooled off our super fresh doughnuts are ready to be sold! We only sell them on that specific day to ensure you get your hands on the freshest product possible.

What ingredients go into your doughnuts?

We carefully select all the ingredients we use to make our doughnuts. In this process we consider the quality of the product, origin, specific features (such as animal friendly/organic) and price. For our yeast-raised brioche dough we use organic dairy ingredients, a locally sourced flour and fresh yeast as well as sugar, salt and lemon zest. We do not use any artificial food coloring or preservatives for our homemade fillings and glazes. You can always ask us in the shop what exactly goes into our doughnuts.

What are your flavors and why do you change them?

We have a seasonal menu that changes every three months. Check our homepage for our current selection. In every menu we offer classic doughnuts as well as our own creations. This allows us to keep practicing and improving our skills as well as offering you something new and exciting every few months.

Why do you sometimes sell out?

Every bakery that sells fresh product intends to sell out at the end of the day. As our doughnut making process takes two days we need to make an estimate of what we think we can sell that day. But we have learned that there is a lot of factors that influence how much we sell and sometimes we get it wrong. We offer pre-orders so you can reserve the flavors you like and we always place a post on our social media channels when we sell out for the day.

How long can I keep your doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are a freshly baked product that should be eaten on the day of purchase.

Can I order custom flavors, colors and letters on doughnuts?

As much as we would love to, we only offer doughnuts from our seasonal menu. Making custom doughnuts would take us too much time at the expense of the doughnuts that we sell the shop. However for special occasions we have one festive exception which is available in every menu: a vanilla glazed doughnut dipped in rainbow sprinkles.

Can I reserve or pre-order your doughnuts?

You sure can! On our website you can pre-order up to a dozen doughnuts before 5pm for the next day. For larger orders we ask that you send us a message at least two days in advance so we can make a larger batch of dough. We always send a confirmation by email when your order has been accepted.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Why are you closed on Monday/Tuesday?

Monday is our day off to enjoy some time with family and friends. On Tuesday we are working in the kitchen preparing for the week.

Do you do large orders?

Yes we do! We can take large orders at least two days in advance. For larger orders we offer mini doughnuts as well as regular sized doughnuts. Send us a message through our contact form (or to [email protected]) and we will be in touch asap.

Do you cater events?

We do not do on-site catering but are able to do large orders and delivery within Amsterdam. If you can take it from there we would love to help make your birthday party, company event or wedding an amazing experience. Fill in the contact form with your request and we will be in touch.

Do you do deliveries?

We deliver our half dozen boxes through Deliveroo and UberEats during opening hours. For large orders we offer delivery services to any location in Amsterdam, please contact us in advance to arrange this.

Do you sell vegan or gluten free doughnuts?

We do not sell vegan or gluten free doughnuts in our shop. While testing and working on doughnut recipes we decided to go for yeast-raised brioche doughnuts. It really came down to the taste.

Do your doughnuts contain nuts?

Some of our doughnuts contain nuts. If you have severe allergies we ask you to be very cautious as all our doughnuts are prepared in a small kitchen. It is your own responsibility if you purchase any product from our shop.

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer the use of debit- and credit cards over cash. Mainly because it is simpler, quicker and more hygienic. We accept all major cards.

How can I order your merchandise?

You are able to purchase our logo t-shirts, sweaters and tote bags directly from ARTs Streetwear.